Crave Inspiration

It’s been a full 3 years of continuous sagas.  This is the latest compilation video of my career as a dancer entering my 20th year.

“Crave Inspiration”
A compilation piece, as brief window into the life work of Marcelino DaCosta aka “Frost Flow”| S.T.A.F.F. One -Dancer, Producer, Storyteller, Educator & Artist. “Crave inspiration” contains milestone moments captured and presented in a detail oriented lens, representative of the “Frost Flow” aesthetic. This 8 minute sampler features original music by long time Mississauga collaborator, crew member and B-Boy student Michael “FATE” Brobbey of the Ground illusionz crew & NEKKRAK, exclusive interview footage with internationally renown Hip-Hop culture legend “MR. WIGGLES” of the ROCKSTEADY Crew, Universal Zulu Nation & Electric Boogaloos. ad well as unreleased footage. Select highlights in the career of one Canada’s leading pioneers of Hip-Hop art education, through snippets of a teaching for BLUE PRINT For LIFE in the Canadian arctic, the STORYTiME JAPAN & KOREA TOUR, presentation clips from TedX “ID” in Vancouver (Canada’s largest Ted talk) to Music video cuts for A TRIBE CALLED RED’s – “INDIAN CITY”, as well as other very memorable defining moments on the path of a local icon and community leader, putting Mississauga on the map since 1998.


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