“By OPENING, BUILDING & SHARING our crafts and passions, we begin new traditions, cultivating ways of being which encourage – action, imagination, fun, knowledge, wisdom, healing and celebrate our never ending paths, respecting our roots in full circle- a Full Step Saga.”

*Marcelino FROSTflow DaCosta


Full Step Saga is a philosophy that facilitates & advocates progressive creative processes, by encouraging and developing personal and communal excellence through the arts, education and experience.


Education: We work to refine our craft through cross-pollenating knowledge while promoting continuous training and inquiry.

Innovation: We strive to transcend artistic foundation through experimentation & exploration, we believe in bringing something new to the conversation.

Cultivation:  We aim to create young leaders by providing opportunities for advocacy and developing leadership.



Youth & young adults between the ages of ages 6 to 30,  cultivation and reinforcement of artistic activities through – Urban Dance, Visual Art, Writing & Music lead individuals toward qualities of empowerment, fun, respect, health, teamwork, cultural sensitivity and elevation of conscientious mentality.




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