RTC Frost

The Legendary: Steffan “Mr. Wiggles” Clemente / Rocksteady Crew, Zulu Nation, Electric Boogaloos
“My Brother Frost, this cat talks a big game cause he GOT a big game…He has an Original Approach to his Style, a true BBOY and cipher Killer! Also an Open Mind to Creativity; trust my brother and learn from real cats.”

Gregory “Flex” Cheeatow / Bag of Trix, Apex
Marcelino aka Frost, has done his homework, paid his dues, passed down knowledge & pays tribute to the b-boys of the past. He’s earned national respect and true credibility for his work”

“Poe One” Style Elements Monster squad / Zulu Kings / Rock So Fresh 

“One of the realist and truest cats coming up strong!! I vouch for this brother right here! He is doing his research and continues to be a humble student always! “

Yumi Escobal / First session “B-Boy/B-Girl Culture” program student
Ground illusionz 3rd Generation & Mother of two.

“Marcel aka Frost inspired me to dance, to become a better dancer, to not be scared to be different by just being myself, to approach things creatively and think outside the box, to become a stronger and more responsible individual…All through sharing his knowledge and passion for dance and community. He is a patient mentor and a good teacher. At the same time, very open minded and always ready to learn – in return further inspiring others.”

Adhimu “Mindbender” Stewart / Supreme Being Unit

My name is Adhimu Stewart, Toronto journalist/MC/promoter/community activist. I would state with unreserved affirmation that Marcel Frost is one of the most humble, hard-working, dedicated, open-minded, and inspiring individuals I have ever worked with. His commitment to educating the youth and the elders, his constant efforts to bring equality and enlightenment to the gatherings he is a part of, and his desire to share his positive energy with others makes him one of a kind as far as community workers go. If you have Marcel on your team, you have been blessed to connect to generous man with a kind soul. Thank you for choosing to work with great people, and may your endeavor meet unparalleled success. With the help of Marcel, I believe it can.

Dj Splattermonkey, Resident Toronto Musician

“Frost is one of the best dancers I’ve ever witnessed! One of the founding members of the legendary Ground Illusionz Crew! This man brings a passion and energy that is unmatched by any dancer I’ve ever had the pleasure of DJing for. He’s a huge supporter of Hip-Hop’s art forms and has been integral in passing it along to the younger generation. Through his work with Inuit communities in Northern Canada and with his classes in Mississauga, Toronto & around the country, he’s been successful in giving at risk youth a positive outlet that gives them hope, experience and a reason to stay out of trouble. Frost Flow is in my opinion is one of the greatest ambassadors for Hip Hop and Breaking in Canada. Frost Flow and Ground Illusionz are, in my opinion, the Canadian equivalent to Crazy Legs and The Rocksteady Crew in the U.S.”

Meghan Marie McClenaghan, “Yoga For The People”
So, Marcel, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop you did with our kids at Arts Express camp at OLS school this afternoon – you had such a lovely, loving, kind, fun, cool and engaging way of interacting with our kids! Both my colleague, Stella, and I were incredibly impressed with your teaching style and way of interacting with the kids. Obviously you are also an incredibly talented dancer and generally a “cool dude” so that naturally helped the kids to want to engage in your workshop, but I must say, it was the way that you planned and executed your “teaching” that really moved us! And as I told you this afternoon, I have been working in arts education in Canada for about 15 years, the last 10 of which were in Toronto, and I have had the great privilege and joy to work alongside some very talented (and well-known/”reputable”) artists and educators (and Stella is a trained school teacher from South Africa, who has been working in arts and education for about as long), and we both agree that you have easily earned a spot in our “Top Ten” list of arts educators. Easily!

“DOC” – Resident 65 year old dancer at CITY DANCE CORPS
Breakdancing used to scare me. That is, until I started taking classes with Frost who teaches every Thursday evening at CDC. That class is changing my life. My weeks are pretty full with different types of dance classes; Gadfly for House, Jazz Funk, Lenny Len and the Flavor Shop for Hip Hop, as well as a busy Latin Dance schedule. I’ve also done a workshop in Top Rock, but, honestly, I never really thought I could get down on the floor. It’s kind of the scary place that I didn’t think I could go.

The thing is, though, I’ve always told myself that being scared is sometimes a good thing. Especially if it means I’m pushing myself. I don’t want to live 24/7 in my comfort zone. That’s how people stop growing. So, I would really recommend you check out Frost’s Breakdancing class at CDC.

It’s been an epic experience for me, and it might be for you too. The thing you notice first is that Frost is a very spiritual guy. He is super relaxing to be around. He cares about people in a deep and meaningful way and has a way of making you feel good about yourself that stays with you long after class is over. Frost creates a very comfortable atmosphere for learning. He is super chill, and super nice. Frost really encourages you to be yourself. As a student, you don’t have to worry about “getting it right” or “making mistakes.” He wants everyone to express themselves freely. He also notices when you are making progress and makes you feel good for trying, even if you haven’t mastered the technique or even close. I’m not gonna lie. Floor work is not easy. But it’s also not impossible, which is what I thought originally. The class has students of all ages and all fitness levels. Some with injuries, stiff knees, whatever.

As a teacher, Frost makes everyone feel super welcome and encourages you to try no matter what. Even if you think it’s too hard. What you learn is that there really is no such thing as impossible. Sometimes we work in partner groups. That is a helpful learning strategy. One person tries the moves while the other person watches and gives feedback. I’ve had some really excellent comments and suggestions from my partners. Plus lots of encouragement and positive vibes. It’s like having your own personal TA instead of just Professor Frost at the podium. At the end of class, we sometimes have a short group discussion. Frost asks people the simple question, “What did you learn today?” You can comment on anything; a technique you discovered that made things a little easier, or just a random thoughts about dance, music, breathing, working together, dealing with stress…anything.

I told Marcel (aka “Frost”) that I wanted to write a quick blurb about how awesome his classes are, and so here it is. If you love to dance, and love to express yourself musically…come and check out Breakdancing with Frostalino DaCosta at CDC. Try it once. See what you think. It’s all drop in, so there is no obligation. I think you will really love this class. And it will help you grow in ways you never thought possible. Doc