“The Word Project” 2004 · Head Producer
· I was first producer of “the Word Project”, a multi-disciplinary art festival and concert, which has sparked the current “My Mississauga” annual summer festival. “Word” uniquely brought together a full collaboration with 25 + independent artists from across the GTA, for the purpose of professional performance & instruction of educational workshops while cross-pollinating their mediums, (visual arts, spoken word, music and dance). Members of this collaboration would later form the foundation of MANIFESTO

“B-Boy/B-Girl Culture” 2004-PRESENT · Developer & Supervisor
· Was created and currently stands as the City of Mississauga’s first Hip-Hop education program in 2003. Based on the “Strategic Planning Model” and created for the purpose of developing young artists, using the cultural facets of Hip-Hop: Art, Music & Dance, B-Boy / B-Girl Culture presently hosts Drop-in sessions at participating Mississauga Community centers.

“Understanding Movement & Lyric”2005 · Facilitator
· Two week in school art program developed and run through St. Vincent de Paul Catholic elementary school. The program was a success in using experimental learning processes and facilitation through games and activities with children from grades JK to grade 8. Student participants were encouraged to think critically

· Program Coordinator 2011-2013
· The RHYTHM (Reach & Helping Youth Through Help-active-living in Mississauga) program attempts to address low self-esteem by educating and motivating youth to take part in active and positive self expression. Using dance and the arts as a vehicle, we make change in our communities by teaching youth about: healthy active living; respect for diversity and empowerment through the arts. We strive to forge connections between like-minded young artists and mobilize youth with positive goals.



“BEHAVIOUR” · Head Producer
BEHAVIOUR (2009 -2014) Art Festival became a catalyst in unifying and bridging the gap between urban arts & culture, traditional & contemporary heritage communities here in Mississauga & across the country. With a sincere vision, our intention was to preserve and progress the efforts and lifestyles of hardworking & genuine arts practitioners, authentic to their crafts.  BEHAVIOUR successfully collaborated with UNITY Charity, Ground illusionz, BluePrint For Life, The City of Mississauga, Culture Division creating a FREE event that would see both National & internationally renowned artists stage in a unique manner and narrative that would break down the walls between the performer and integrate the participants in fresh original ways.   My role as Head Producer was extensive: Successfully Implementing the vision, Budgeting, Artist contact, Marketing, Programming, Organizing & executing, reporting and closing the event each time.


FOUNDER & DIRECTOR (16 years)                                     GROUNDILUSIONZ.COM

The “Ground Illusionz” is a multicultural creative collective of Hip-Hop artists that focus on the cultures original styles of Art, Music & Dance. Their message of transcending foundation through creativity & originality have grown them into a crew that not only represent Mississauga & Toronto as competitive champions, but also as vast contributors to community engagement through demonstration, development & sharing of knowledge. For the past 16 years the Ground Illusionz have proven without a doubt to be one of the Canada’s finest Hip-Hop crews and part of a legendary GTA history of Hip-Hop artists. GI has been inspiring people around the nation through showcase representation on every major Canadian television station, including appearances on: MuchMusic, City TV, CBC, Global, CTV… etc.  More accomplishments include:

  • 500 performances between all 25 members since 1999
    · Over 70 Canadian tournament championships
    · International Representation & Championships
    · Film (Honey · Save the last dance)
    · Independent music videos (Masia One, OLP, Slakah)
    · Workshops across the Canada
    · “Social Justice through Arts & Culture” award in 2009,
  • Five MARTY nominations in between 2003 · 2012
    · ”R.H.Y.T.H.M” in 2011 · 2012
    · International membership: Korea, Taiwan & Japan.
    · Head Producer – 3 Major event titles
    “Next Level” · 2009,
    “Let Go EXPO” · 2011
    “Behaviour” · 2009 · 2014

The Ground illusionz in partnership with the Mississauga Culture Division, UNITY & BluePrint For Life produced “The Behaviour Urban Art festival” in 2009, 2013 & 2014: Responsibilities included:

  • Arranging over 20 professional multi-disciplined Artists
    ·Event & team assembly co-ordination
    ·Scheduled group Meetings & tasks
    ·Creating budgets & invoices
    ·Gathering Sponsorship
    ·Head Production & Day of Production
    ·Promotion & Hosting International Guest
    ·Closing & Reporting