The SAUGA STREET DANCE SUMMIT 2019! “STREET POETRY” SATURDAY MARCH 9th 2019 4:00pm | SHOW. 5:30pm | FEATURES. 7:30pm | WORKSHOP & BATTLE RBC THEATRE – LIVING ARTS CENTRE $25 AT THE DOOR Suitable for All Ages ___________________________________________________ “Don’t Call it comeback! We’ve been here for Years!” The LIVING ARTS CENTRE is excited to be […]

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Last spring I had the opportunity to connect with my homegirl Flavia & “MY BEST LIFE POD CAST” !  This is a fairly definitive and robust interview about my experience and life.   It answers many questions about who I am and what I do! enjoy! LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW !


Hidden Language workshop MTL ! Nov 3

That’s right, STYZ CORRUPT 10 year anniversary happened Nov 3rd!  Which also happened to also be my birthday weekend!  my newest dance workshop entitled “Hidden Language” was a success!   The workshop was catered to all levels and intended to grant the right tools for creating original vocabulary and building participants own natural style. Special Thank […]

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Crave Inspiration

It’s been a full 3 years of continuous sagas.  This is the latest compilation video of my career as a dancer entering my 20th year. “Crave Inspiration” A compilation piece, as brief window into the life work of Marcelino DaCosta aka “Frost Flow”| S.T.A.F.F. One -Dancer, Producer, Storyteller, Educator & Artist. “Crave inspiration” contains milestone […]

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