Hidden Language workshop MTL ! Nov 3

That’s right, STYZ CORRUPT 10 year anniversary happened Nov 3rd!  Which also happened to also be my birthday weekend!  my newest dance workshop entitled “Hidden Language” was a success!   The workshop was catered to all levels and intended to grant the right tools for creating original vocabulary and building participants own natural style.


Special Thank you To Stylz Corrupt, Vincent & Zig for arranging this.

1282 BOUL,Cure-Labelle, LAVAL


A Journey of exploration in syllabic visual communication. This all-level workshop will emphasize understanding origin, intention and purpose in your breakin’ movement and approach. “Hidden Language” comes with a very unique process of creation that will have every participant walk away with original material, communal and self-awareness as inspiration for years to come! In the same vein of the world renown “Flava Foundation” workshop, FrostFlow returns with another chapter of innovative ideas, methods and tools to support the transcending your personal and community style growth to another level. “Hidden Language” is a milestone experience that will change the way you view your voice within a 45 year conversation of Hip-Hop history.

Kind Regards,



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