Hello everyone,

This is Frost Flow aka Marcel DaCosta,  Streetdancer and Artist Educator representing Ground illusionz, Conscious Soles, UNITY Charity, Blueprint For Life, Canadian Floor Masters, STORYTiME-Japan & my city of Mississauga…wow, that was a mouthful!   A short version of a longer continuing story…a Full Step Saga.   Be sure to check the MENU for more info!

Over the past 17 years,  I’ve had the opportunity to travel all around Canada and parts of the world using my art, dance & education!

This site is about the philosophy of cross pollinating the arts.  It’s about Moving Forward – recognizing your passion all the way, then respecting your continual story in creative ways.     YES we dig art, music, dance & life.   YES we’re fresh & fly.  YES we represent  unlike anything that’s been seen.

Welcome to your FULL STEP SAGA…



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