Open Wide Tails of legendary life
world found presence retains/
time, air, clouds, sun, stars
& heavenly bodies,
what secrets foretold
by human beings?

do they snail beyond attention?
connection, conduit conduction,
so ghost lands for now lay in ruins?
or has the eternal breath
of The One that left,
come back to claim
universal evolution?/

what grace hath ancient men
with eyes toward desert sands,
mountainous heights or open seas,
carry in darkness of the blackest nights
and refuge in deepest realms of tree/

into the coldest edges-
through the burning pores of earth,
vastness in science-
Prophesied rights of birth,
made spiritual heroes-
more than known worth/

Avatars in watch from cosmic seats,
houses of gold transformed-
from cavern holes to infinite treats,
reclaim natural flesh reborn/
newly felt thinness between
sleep & awake-ness
space dimensions aim in new places/

a fresh breed of unfounded questions asked
what old secrets still lay hidden and masked?